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Hints, Tips & Other Ideas

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Copy / Paste:

When adding questions that have the same answer choices, copy (ctrl + c) the answer set then simply paste (ctrl + v) it into the answer section for each new question.

HTML 101:

You can use HTML tags to enhance the text of your survey.

To make some appear bold, use the <b> tag. For example:
Typing this into the question box: How are <b>you</b> today?
would make the text on your survey look like this:

How are you today?

Here are some common HTML tags you can use:

<b>text</b> = text (bold)
<i>text</i> = text (italics)
<font color='green'>text</font> = text (use most color names or a hex color)

You can use these tags anywhere you are prompted to type text.

Question Types: When adding a question, you must choose a question type. As you select each question type from the drop-down menu, the box below displays a sample image of that question type. This way you can see what your question will look like when you submit/add it.
Pop-Up Box
Click for demo.

If you are putting the link to your survey on a web page, here is how to make it appear in a "pop-up box":

Insert this code into the <head ...> section of your web page:

Then insert this HTML where you want the link:

<a href="javascript:popup('GeneratedURL')">Click here to take our survey.</a>

Replace the Generated URL with the link to your survey. (leave the single quotes)

Auto Close:

If you have a web site, you can create a page that only has the following javascript:

Then use that page as your custom "Thank You" page. When your respondents finish the survey, the window that the survey was in will close itself. This is best in conjunction with the "Pop-Up Box" hint above. (You don't want to close their main browser window :-)


The above code will delay the window from closing for 3 seconds. Time to say thanks.

Add an Image You can add any image that is not copyrighted to your survey as long as it is on the Internet somewhere.

How to find the URL of an image on the web:

"Right-Click" the image and select "Properties". Try it with this one.
You should see a box that looks like this:

You can highlight the text next to "Address (URL)", copy it (ctrl + c), and paste it (ctrl + v) into the "Survey Logo URL".

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